Jun 07 2020



HWS+ is an all new service from Hacking With Swift. As of writing, it has 3 courses, which each have a few sections. Until WWDC, HackingWithSwift will publish a new section to one of the 3 courses every day, which afterwards will be every few days.
I can say, after watching all the videos that are released, that they are from really high quality(not only the resolution, also the content🙂!), and are really recommended if you want to level up in your swift and iOS development skills.
Once you are there, be sure to check out the other courses they have here

Hacking With Swift Subscription

If you have done some iOS and Swift development, you for sure came by hacking with swift. With over 4 million page views per month, covering 150 thousand pages, having 19 books, which also include a few books that are available for free on the site, Hacking with Swift is the biggest site teaching others how to code for apple platforms using the Swift programing language.

Last week, the second of June, hacking with swift has launched an all-new service: HWS+. It is a subscription service which will contain courses for 1 fixed price: $20. Yes, you have read that correctly, only 20 dollars.

As of writing, it has 3 courses. Each of them, have already a few sections. Until WWDC 2020, content is going to be added every day, afterwards, the frequency of content added will change, but I do believe it will be a couple of times a week.

I have watched the sections that are released as of writing, and I will continue to watch them all. I can highly encourage you to check it out. The content is great, and I have learned a lot from it already. Later this week, I will publish an article covering one of the many topics taught in the High-Performance Apps course.

Each section of a course contains a 4k recorded video together with an in-depth article. You could choose whatever fits you. The content from the articles and the video are both of really high quality(they are, of course, both the same)


As a recap, I can say the courses are really good, and I won't be disappointed if I spend money on this. The content is such a great resource, and of course a great add on for the books they sell.